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  1. Well hello one and all, its been a while since we have blogged and a number of factors have got in the way of this, but we are back.

    Whilst we have been away we have completly revamped the website, so we now have all our business under one banner.  The  main reason for doing this was to add a shopping cart for our breads and crafts and I think we have cracked it.  The worse part of this was setting up the posting options especialy for our breads as this had to include

    collect direct from us

    collect from an event


    postage (yep still can't get my head round people having our breads posted but they do and love it)

    so now this has been cracked its full steam ahead with photographing our items and adding.

    This year has seen lots of new events for us.  We took part in our first ever food festival at Leek, we never thought we would be able to bake enough breads in our domestic oven for an event such as this but we did and we loved it.  We were very honoured to be invited to take part in the first ever Staffordshire Day, and had a lovely day at the Wedgewood Museum and even created a taste of Staffordshire Bread in honour of this event , shaped as the Staffordshire Knot  and this is now a regular at all our events.


    We also attended the Lichfield Bower and the first ever Thorpe Country Show - cannot wait to join them again at Christmas.

    So short and sweet this time, but now we are back up and blogging we will endeavour to get back into our weekly routine 🐝